ENGEL GAME BAGS   GB35/65 (35" x 65")
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ENGEL GAME BAGS GB35/65 (35" x 65")

Price: $219.00
  • Item #: GB35/65 (35" x 65")
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The Engel brand continues to expand with the introduction of a new line of high performance fish and game bags.  Whether fishing for Tuna 100 miles offshore, or transporting a Mule Deer cross country, you can do so, knowing it will arrive safe, and fresh.  These game bags are made of tough Denier Polyester.  These hunting bags are a must during hunting season.
 WE ONLY LIST THE MOST COMMON ONE PURCHASED, BUT EMAIL OR CALL US FOR OTHER SIZES.....tkroutdoors@gmail.com             (541)637-5075

Engel Game bags are offered in (3) Sizes:
GB23/40         23" x 40"     $139.00
GB35/65         35" x 65"     $219.00
GB40/80         40" x 80"     $269.00
Features Benefits
Tough UV resistant fiber re-enforced PVC outer layer  
1/2 “ Polyethylene foam insulation  
Heat rejecting silver foil layer  
Thick transparent PVC inner layer for easy cleaning  
Ultrasonically welded & double-stitch construction  
Oversized all-plastic zippers  
Large corner loops and shoulder strap for easy carrying/hanging  
Available in Predator Evolution Camouflage