KUDUPOINT Broadheads KP100-MC Made In The USA

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Blade details:
Hardened 400 series Cutlery grade Stainless Steel
0.050" thickness
40° bevel angle (cutting edge)
Blade width and length may vary slightly

Two blades versus three or four:
The KuduPoint single-bevel two blade arrow head is extremely accurate and quiet in flight. The single-bevel blades better maintain straight penetration through multiple tissue types, providing the KuduPoint with impressive wound channel characteristics.
The KuduPoint has lower drag resulting in greater penetration and a very strong tendency to create a spiral wound channel. This spiral effect acts as a wedge to displace or split bone, resulting in less drag on the shaft.

The KuduPoint has no parts to separate or break:
The blade is fused to the ferrule by a swaging process that assures symmetry and very high strength. The blade cannot be separated from the ferrule without the destruction of both! Our tested yield strength was much higher than that which would break an aluminum ferrule with multiple screws holding the blade.

Sharpening the KuduPoint:
Our recommendation is with a fine or ultra-fine diamond hone or stone. Bias the honing onto the edge by slightly tipping off the bevel angle or the back face. Caution is in order to avoid injury!

KuduPoint Premium Broadheads
Single-bevel blade with all edges sharpened creates a large spiral cut
Low drag for higher speed quiet flight and greater penetration
Dark finish
Precision manufactured for true flight, excellent accuracy
All stainless steel construction. Super tough.
Lifetime materials and workmanship guarantee.
Made in U.S.A.