RICK YOUNG Ultra Light Bino Harness
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RICK YOUNG Ultra Light Bino Harness

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There are several popular suspension systems on the market today for binoculars and range finders but none like this one. The idea of having our bino's readily accessible is a good one, but traditional suspension systems are bulky and they restrict motion. Thick nylon straps look like they would be comfy to wear on your shoulders all day, but they trap body heat and cause perspiration and chaffing. Improperly adjusted they can either leave your unsecured bino's bouncing all over the place and constantly in the way, or you can cinch them up so tight that you can't breathe. Another issue is that once you do get them adjusted properly, as soon as you pick up your glasses to look over an animal they start pulling you back down. After 3 years of field testing, a new style of harness was born.

Advantages of the Ultra-light Bino Harness

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Stores tangle free wrapped back around your binoculars
  • Cool to wear - does not trap body heat and allows your body to breath
  • Virtually no wind vibration as experienced with flat strap type
  • Less strain when stretching Binoculars to view through yet extremely durable and firmly hold binoculars to your chest
  • Field tested for many years now and stretch cord does not lose its shape or effectiveness
  • Fasteners are of made of tested and proven composite