Tipton Rifle Bore Brush 243 6mm Cal 3 Pack

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       Tipton's Bronze Bore Brushes are perfect for all your cleaning chores. The core is a single piece of wire that is looped on the end, so it will not scratch your bore. The bristles are made from premium phosphor bronze, for a superior blend of cleaning power and long life. The nylon brushes feature Nylon bristles that are unaffected by Ammonia based solvents with galvanized plated wire core with looped end and a crimped coupler. 

Technical Information:
  • Core Material: 1-Piece Wire
  • Core End: Looped



Bore Brush Thread Guide

  Gun Type   Caliber/Gauge   Thread Type   Thread   Male/Female
  Rifle/Pistol   17 to 20   Commercial   5 x 40   Male
  Rifle/Pistol   22 to 50   Commercial   8 x 32   Male
  Shotgun   All   Commercial   5/16 x 27   Male


  • Quality 1-piece cleaning rod and a boreguide are recommended for best result with this product
  • Will not fit Outers cleaning rods